Saturday, January 24, 2015

DIY | customized laptop "skin"

Happy Saturday! :)

Weekend means time to be creative... Here's what I did this morning.

I don't have a fancy macbook (but a very fancy asus instead) so I can't buy a laptop skin with a picture collage on the internet. Also, I guess I wouldn't like to spend a lot of money on something like that.  My laptop has been sort of "naked" ever since I bought it. I just liked the simple and elegant look. I now really wanted some pretty pictures on my laptop, though, so I used photos and washi tape!

You need:
- your laptop
- printed pictures (your own, from tumblr, pinterest, whatsoever...)
- washi tape (mine's the black one from ikea → here)
- scissors

First, wipe the surface of the laptop to remove any dirt or grease. Now you're gonna lay your pictures on your laptop. Try different ways of arranging them. When you've found the perfect layout, use washi to tape them on. I guess you could also use other tape, but you might not be able to remove that if you don't like it anymore... 
It really helps if you use little strips of tape to prevent the pictures from sliding away.
Make sure you cut the tape neatly at the edges and corners.

That's it! There you have a very pretty customizeable laptop "skin" that's really cheap!

What does your laptop look like? Tell me in the comments.

Oh, and before you mention it: Yes, I know it's not summer here so the pic in the upper right corner might seem weird. :D I really am a summer person, though, and I'm looking forward to it and the picture just makes me happy, so...
Now I guess I have to study a little, then workout maybe, and tonight I'll be at a friend's birthday party. Let's see if I'll manage to take pictures of my outfit to show you. :)



Wednesday, January 21, 2015

DIY | no piggy bank needed anymore

Hello :)

I finally have a new DIY for you guys!

Sometimes I try to save some money for specific events. So I figured it would be more motivating to have something pretty to put the money in.
This is what I made: litttle jars and glasses with pictures on 'em - no piggy bank needed anymore!

You simply need to find some pretty pictures on the internet, print them out and stick them to some jars. Use washi tape or glitter to make them even prettier.

There's a second hand record store around here and they have a special sale in April, so I'm saving up for that one, and I also want to buy "The 1975" on vinyl.

What would you like to save up for? Tell me in the comments!



Sunday, January 18, 2015

INSPIRATION | mirror, mirror in the shop...

wearing || Vintage Boutique coat (here) | Cyroline shirt (here) | Vintage dress | H&M belt | H&M  scarf | boots (from this shop) | diy rings | diy phone case

wearing || Vintage Boutique coat (here) | H&M shirt | Takko jeggings | vintage bag | boots (from this shop) | diy rings | diy phone case

wearing || vintage dress | vintage belt | vintage necklace | vintage velvet cardigan | diy rings | diy phone case

Hello lovelies,

I just wanted to show you what I did this weekend!
On Friday, I went to the home improvement center with my mom. I wanted to buy a pretty mirror for my room (because the old one was too small) but they didn't really have what I was looking for. So I took some mirror selfies instead... At least I finally found two pretty chairs that match my desk (a garden table, to be honest). Quite cheap ones, too! And I got some DIY supplies, such as sandpaper and wire.
On Saturday morning, I was lucky because my aunt was just about to go to a furniture shop so she could take me with her. In the end,  I bought some pretty pens (not that I needed any) and a chic mirror with a plain white frame. I really like how it looks next to my bed!
On Saturday night, I was going out with some friends. Of course I had to take yet another picture of my new mirror and my outfit for the night. :D 
I don't even know when I started to take that many mirror selfies (shame on me). 

Anyways, I'm really happy about how the weekend turned out.
As for today, I have a lot of school stuff to do, so I'd better sit on one of my new pretty chairs and do my homework now!